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Converting a TRIS to an ABP

A number of factors should be considered when a member is planning to convert a Transition to Retirement Income Stream (TRIS) to an Account Based Pension (ABP) Let’s first briefly summarise the features of each type of pension. An Account […]
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Partial Commutations – What you need to Know

  A member with an Account Based Pension must meet their annual minimum pension payment requirements. This minimum amount is determined by the member’s pension balance as well as their age as at 1 July of the relevant year as […]
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The True Meaning of “Retirement” – Can you still be Employed?

In order for a member to be eligible to commence an account based pension within their superannuation fund, a condition of release must be satisfied. Under Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Regulations 1994 – Schedule 1, the following condition of releases are […]
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Acquiring Assets from a Related Party – What is OK?

                  The trustees of a self managed superannuation fund (SMSF) are prohibited from intentionally acquiring an asset from a related party of the fund, except for assets permitted under s.66(1) of the […]
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Our Hands are Tied…What Auditors MUST Report

Wouldn’t it be great if you understood how an auditor arrived at the conclusion of having to notify the ATO of a fund breach? Today, we open up the curtains and show you the guidelines that all auditors MUST adhere […]
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2019/20 Federal Budget Summary

Historically, good news can be hard to find when reviewing the annual federal budget over the last couple of years, however the 2019/20 federal budget came with some genuine positives. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, announced the following major changes: Forecasted $7.1 […]
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Are LRBA’s a gearing strategy of the past?

Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements (LRBAs) have been a very popular gearing strategy over the past number of years. We have seen many funds acquire assets that would otherwise be out of reach such as property with the intention to help […]
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Data Feeds for SMSF Software – Is Your Firm Missing Out?

It’s a new year and by now you should be well and truly rested, back from your break and ready to attack 2019 head on! The start of a new year will generally be a great time for your firm […]
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Maximising Your Transfer Balance Cap – What to do when Paying More than the Minimum Pension

                        With the $1.6m transfer balance cap (TBC) in effect, consideration should be given to how a fund maximises the amount it has in pension phase.  By achieving this, […]
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Making the Most of your TBAR Reporting

We are deep in the SMSF silly season and by now, your firm SHOULD have lodged its first batch of quarterly Transfer Balance Cap Reports (TBAR) for the September 2018 quarter. In our previous blog we detailed what the new […]
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